So many of you have asked...what's next?


We have been working in the background for a while to launch po{WE}r Fitness NWA.  This is pop-up studio that travels and works with the best locations in NWA to bring amazing fitness experiences.


These aren't just classes, but experiences! 

Ricky Phommachanh

Ricky began his movement journey in 2017. He has a zest and energy for creating movement in both an emotional and physical way. His love and passion for fitness is very important and he considers himself a cycle star.

He has a background in dance so everything he does in class has a rhythm and a reason. Come ready to party and dance on the bike.

{we} will move and feel moved!

Ricky's Certifications include:

Coach by Color, Watt Rate Training

Cody Steussy

Cody began his movement journey about 6 years ago. He stepped into his first group fitness class and hasn't looked back.

He firmly believes in always learning to bring a continually better experience to your fitness journey.

Cody's certifications include:

Aqua Stand Up, 200HR Yoga, 50HR Yoga Coaching, Coach by Color, Watt Rate Training, POUND, Pop Pilates, Pop Pilates Advanced, Master Trainer for Barre Above, Barre Above Pilates Method, Barre Above Level 2, GEAR Cycle, STRONG.